Saturday, 15 September 2012

fake friend

currently written by faie mohamad at Saturday, September 15, 2012
Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera...

In this world, there are groups of people who...

pretend to befriend with you,

dislike you because of power and fame,

spread rumors about you,

know your business to attract you,

kill you silently,

give you fake hope and dream,

promise not to tell your problems to anyone,

but after all everybody found about it,

only exist when they need you,

hug you but hold the knife to stab you from the back,

give you smile when bump into you but spit you when you are away,

be your shadow as if you are always be with them,

stick around during your brightness moment,

but disappear during you darkest hours,

they are called....



You may not realize them because they are good in acting,

and bluff you with their own ways!

they may sit in front of you right now!

3 criticisms:

Siti Shaera Salleh said...

yup . yg lg awesome dorang boleh cerita benda yg x baik tentang kita dgn org lain .
they suppos to tell us directly about our fault kan ?

faie mohamad said...

betol tu. dh byk kali terkena T__T

caliph shuriken said...

noted.. avoid backstabber...


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