Sunday, 7 April 2013

HOPE. Don't expect from it too much

currently written by faie mohamad at Sunday, April 07, 2013

''If you hope for something, or dream anything that you wish for, bear in mind that it will not always come directly to you.  Sometimes you might think that it is the best for you, something that you waited for a while ago, where the truth is it is not good for you and in turn make your life become worse...''

Our dream is not always good,
somehow we feel like our life is flawed without it,
when it goes away from you,
you feel like it fades away your precious moment of life,
you think your life is over without it.

But the truth is,
you still can live without it,
you can still put your smile without its existence,
you still have nothing to worry when it's gone,
you are actually feel better without it,
because you've been created not just to satisfy your own needs,
but also to complete others' and giving something valuable to them.

Allah does not give what you want,
instead He give what you need,
to make you feel loved, 
to make you feel pleased,
to make you feel blessed,
to appreciate the worth of others
and value one another completely.

when you hope for something,
and expect that it will come to you someday,
you may regret and turn into despair
when you found that it is not what you wish for,
Thus, never expect it too much,
be moderated, be balanced,
we never know His wisdom,
we are totally depend on His miracles,
keep praying and counting,
if it makes our soul become better,
surely He will grant our wishes

And at that moment,
we will be thankful to Him,
for not grant our last wish,
whose we thought that it is the best for us,
instead of it actually make our life are worst,
for He knew that,
He does know better than us,
who are His creator who have nothing to proud of.

After rain there's a rainbow, 
after a storm there's calm, 
after the night there's a morning, 
and after a ending there's a new beginning.

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Rin Saharina said...

agreeeee much! sgttt suka =))

jgn terlalu berharap, nnti jatuh. sakit sngt =')

zaImIslawayu said...

well said. :)

AyaZuki Is Cullen said...

agree! :)

faie mohamad said...



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