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An essential love

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Looking at this pic makes me in a deep grief and tears rolling down my cheeks.

source: Facebook

An old man that (probably) has been abandoned and has no any shelters except an excavator to protect him. Honestly I become emotional and cried after that! It is such a melancholic moment when you could see how suffer he is, with no one could help anyway.

And all of sudden, it reminds me of my beloved father. Al-Fatihah for Allahyarham Haji Mohamad bin Hassan. 11th July 2010 and memory remains. I'm still loving you, and will always love you until my end.  Rest in peace, dear father, may Allah bless your soul, make your grave as lovely garden, put you among His best and grant you His paradise InsyaAllah.

Dear readers, do remember, when your parents still alive, do appreciate them, give them your special and maximum love that you can ever provide and make them feel they are most precious than others. Offer them your care and affection, give them what the best thing you can give, don't abandon them even in one second, don't annoy them with your harsh words, don't be rough with them. As you were born, they are the one who watch out your first crying and it is truly gave them uncountable happiness instead. When you are in pain, they are among the first offer you a great care and treat you with an absolute love. No one could compete their love except His Almighty. They love you unconditionally, they treat you very well as they can give. You owe them a lot!

A special dedication.

Dear my father, 

At the few moment after I lose you, I was really assure that there's a person could cure this sadness. The expectation that I put towards that person is too high and at last the person made me hurt even more and more. It made me in depth of grieving plus I just experienced your death on that time. I know I was wrong for putting too much hope on someone who did not any stance and just want to play around.

As time went by,  I realize that I should not cling on people to abolish this gloom. I should pray and pray to our Creator to cure my sorrow and put all my trusts to Him and be tawakal on His plan because I know what He plans to me is greatest and He would never disappoint me with His fates. Even though I know deep in my heart there are still unfinished words unsaid to you, there's still something I need to tell you about my exact feeling towards you, yet all of sudden you have gone without telling me anything that I want to hear from you.

 I feel blessed when Allah granted me a chance to take care of you three weeks before your death, I fed you and gave you soft massages everyday, I seek for your forgiveness a day before you died, I cried like a toddler in front of you before you've been brought to hospital at night before, only Allah knows how my exact feeling on that time. I could feel like that perhaps this was my last I saw you're grinning to me.  And yes, it's true indeed. During my childhood, that smile cures me with an unexplained word that could be  converted into none terms. And now it has gone. Looking at your pics made me recalled the past and that's among the reason why  I still have no courage to see your pics. Do forgive me. It did not seems like you've been forgotten. Not all all. But it's a best way for me not to reminisce our memories together.

To me, you are still the best men that I ever know and no one could replace you even with thousand people. You are a special man and you are the first man that I knew since I opened my eyes on the first time in this beautiful world. Nothing could change that.*wiping my tears

Dear my mother,

Being a youngest one in a family sometimes made your attention to me are quite excessive. But I do really love it because I know that's how you convey your feeling of love towards me and other siblings also. Occasionally  your worries are irrational to me, you keep asking and asking me with so many questions like a detective, advice me the same thing everyday without being bored with it. You just express your concern to me and I know. Thanks Allah for grant me such a wonderful  and inspiring mother.

I still remember during the first time I was away from you to stay at hostel, you cried silently after that. I never noticed that face expression until I've been told about it and that's what made me feel in guilt until now. Do forgive me please. No matter how much love that I offer to you, no matter how expensive materials that I could provide to you, how beautiful  golden mountain that I can build to you, it still cannot pay your kindness and compassion towards me. My beautiful woman that I've ever seen and it's you mom. Every single day I pray to Allah to keep you in healthy way, to bless your actions, increase the rewards of good that you have done in this world, make you be a happiest woman even though I'm away from you. You're strongest woman indeed. Who could ever thought that during your past, you've experienced lots of hardship to raise your children. How many tears rolled down on your cheeks because of the isolation from people.

 Having mockery and humiliation from your kin are hurtful but you still keep moving on. In this situation, how can I not adore you?

I pray to Allah, may both of you get special rewards in Akhirat. I'm so proud to be your daughter. I'm here in this world because of you, your absolute love that Allah has grant. Your love towards us is whole, no matter how many times divided. Your love to us also  is a greatest blessing that I ever had in my life.

So, let's hold their arms, look at into their eyes deeply, get a place on yourself into their shoes, try to experience their misery and distress that they have felt, cry together with them, and say 'I love you' to them before it becomes late.

It would be the most beautiful feeling that you will ever had in this world indeed.

As we growing up, they grow older. They need nothing from us except love and attention. Do appreciate them in every second. May all the good deeds of us get rewards by Allah InsyaAllah.

'' And make yourself submissively gentle to them with compassion, and say: O my Lord! have compassion on them, as they brought me up (when I was) little- Surah Al-Isra': 24 

''One day we were brought into the world, knowing love only as being what we had for our toys, family, and friends. Then you meet someone who alters your conception of love, and you never know how you loved anything before because this kind of love is'' - QUOTE

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Rin Saharina said...

homesick! Al- fatihah untk ayah faie. Semoga ditempatkan di kalangan org yg beriman. amin =')

faie mohamad said...

Aameen.. me too get homesick :(

zaImIslawayu said...

sedihnya :( nak balik jumpa ma&abah..

faie mohamad said...

kannn :(

EmeLiena said...

Masya-Allah T.T Al-Fatihah untuk ayah awak. entri yang sangat baguss. menyedarkan diri eme jugak :')

faie mohamad said...

thanks eme.. bila kite mghayati ssuatu tu tetiba tgn laju je nak menaip.. hope sme2 amik iktibar :')


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