Wednesday, 8 February 2012

In The Sands Of Time...

currently written by faie mohamad at Wednesday, February 08, 2012
Are we obsessed with acquiring

     and prestige?

when we die, all our money, power, property...

All possession pass on...

To belong somebody else.

What remains?

Not much.

In the sands of time,

only money remains,

In the mind to those people that we have helped!

What you wish to leave behind you?

Beautiful remembrances of happy time?


Pages you wish you could tear out forever?

Today you have given a grand opportunity...
To rewrite with a fresh sheet- make your own script

It's up to you to choose the colors

Even in adversity, you can add soft pastel of serenity...

If you knew you had only one more day to live,
How could you use this precious time?
Would you now be able to appreciate the golden rays of the sun...

The gentle breeze???

A page that you will treasure.

Enjoy this new day
Take inventory of all the good things in your life

Live each hour with cheer

Love & affection for the special people in your life.

All the things you never did
before it is too late...

People was sometimes take for granted...
Tell them how you feel
Offer a helping hand

Live each days, as if there is no tomorrow,

Be happy

Give thanks

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